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The power

of social networks for real estate

Social Connect converts your listings into videos and broadcasts them on your customized social medias: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Dailymotion.
Professional Facebook page
We create your professional page and integrate dedicated applications to your activities
  • A Professional customized page complete with your branding
  • Integrated search engine for all your listings
  • Dedicated applications to animate your page
  • Automatic broadcast of your listings
  • News publication tool

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Animate your Facebook community
Previsite News app, enables you to share automatically press articles on your page. The sharing can be instantaneous or scheduled few days in advance.
Save time and be sure you have a well animated page!

Youtube & Dailymotion
For every new listing, videos are automatically converted and published on your Youtube and Dailymotion channels.
A high quality video clip is automatically generated, it will help you to reach more potential clients and increase your visibility on the internet.

We create and customize your Twitter professional pages. Every new listing is automatically displayed on your Twitter account with a link to the video listing,
Increase your visibility and generate more leads.

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