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A viewer

Responsive and complete

Boost your online listings
Using your website's and portal's viewer will allow you to increase visibility and your listing's impact.
The multimedia viewer enables your clients to discover your properties from all angles.

In only

3 steps...

Previsite reinvents the virtual visit ! Easily create your own virtual visits.
Virtual visit helps you save time and be more efficient by showing an outstanding overview of your property.
Make a difference !

Take your photos
With your smartphone or your camera
Then transform them on the platform...
Log in
To the online platform
Create your visit
And manage your photos
Add a floor-plan, narration and some music...
Manage your virtual visit
Broadcast your visit on your website and real estate portals

Mobile App

Virtual Visit

Free download the Virtual Visit App via App Store for your Iphone and Ipad or via Google Play Store.
Directly transfer your photos from the App to the online platform.

Take and automatically download your photos from the App.

-B185 becomes -

You are redirected to the Previsite website.
Find all our offers of videos, social networking and virtual tour.