Convert your listings into videos :

With SpotVideoTM, convert your listings into videos in an easy and automatic way to seduce buyers, tenants and owners!

Sell faster  !

Innovative digital solution, SpotVideoTM improves the visibility of your listing as well as its attractiveness. Real music video with music, pictures, video comments, varied information, the apartment or the house you will show will be promoted very fast to the first position in the search engines.
In addition, your client will imagine himself easily in your property thanks to the personalization of the videos with music and videos templates.

Our video range

Life, Luxe, Selfie, Movie, Dusk, Vintage, Bubble, Square, discover our video templates for your listings. Your properties are enhanced with our large choice of themes, backgrounds, voices and music to fully customized your videos.

Personalize your videos

Life, Luxe, Selfie, Movie, Dusk, Vintage, Bubble, Square, find out our videos templates for your listings. Your properties are enhanced by big imageries, thematic videos, narrative voice, EPD display, and a musical atmosphere to configure entirely your videos.

100% automatic

We create a feed with your software to automatically receive your listings (photos, descriptions...).
Creating videos has never been this simple!


my.Previsite dashboard

From your dashboard, manage your SpotvideoTM: change themes, music or the voice. Also check the detailed statistical reports of all your videos.

Share your videos

Your video listings are automatically displayed on
your website et and portals.
Real estate video listing generate more inquiries so you can make a difference!

your website
on real estate

Broadcast your video listings

With the SocialConnect option, your videos are broadcast on your customized social media :
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dailymotion.

Highlight your property

Create a website exclusively dedicated to your listing,
Property website promotes your property.

Our offers

SpotVideoTM provides 3 offers available to meet your needs and your budget.

Converts your listings into videos
my.Previsite dashboard
Publication on Facebook and Twitter
Publication on Youtube and Dailymotion
Property Website creation 20
Listing limit 100 100 100