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European leader
of the creation of digital content
for real estate

Pioneer in the real estate webmarketing sector, Previsite is based on innovative technologies to offer the best tools of promotion on the market : VirtualVisit, SpotVideoTM, Social Connect, Property Website, 3D Visit…Choosing the Previsite solutions you will highlight your listings, gain visibility and differentiate yourself from competition!

The Previsite team

Our team of qualified members works every day to offer you the tools adapted to your needs. With experts in the development and specialists of real estate webmarketing, we put our reactivity and dynamism at your disposal to place your satisfaction at the center of our concerns.
Fanny Vitaline
Web Consultant
Jean-François DEFEZ
Thierry Valente
Naila Youdjou
Web Consultant
Laurent Lalizel
Key Account Manager
Samira Madouri
Production manager
Nicolas Bailly
Web Consultant
Stéphane Caron
Managing Director
Arnaud Koss
Production manager
Vartan Torossian
PHP MySQL Web Developer
Olivier Martin

Previsite in few dates

Since 2000, we have been guiding our clients and resellers in the promotion of their listings. We offer the best tools with an eye every day on the technological progress. Over the years, we have diversified our expertise offering a video service with SpotVidéoTM, virtual visit with Virtual Visit, social media management with Social Connect and 3D with 3D Visit.
Previsite acquires Visitou
Previsite consolidates its position as French leader of the virtual tour
Previsite acquires Smartvisite
Previsite becomes the automatic real estate video solution
Previsite joins La boite Immo
An obvious complementarity that allows the development of new synergy
Launch of the Worldposting offer :
The international real estate listings
Creation and management of more than 3,000 Facebook business pages around the world. Over 200,000 videos posted per month
Launch of the Social Connect offer.
Innovative solution using social media as a marketing tool.
More than 10 000 clients
Launch in new international markets in more than 20 countries
in 30 countries and 10 time zones
Launch of Virtual Visit.
The first patented automated solution to create virtual visits.
Creation of Previsite.
Creator of interactive multimedia content for the real estate market.
Solutions and tools tailor-made
dedicated to your real estate activity

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