Virtual Visit

Promote your listings !

Make visit your properties virtually thanks to Virtual Visit! Offer on your website and the real estate portals an innovative way to show your mandates and to differentiate yourself from the competition.
This solution will seduce as buyers and tenants, as owners thanks to the means implemented by the agency to promote their property either for sale or rental.
The virtual visit will enable you to make a first selection of mandates for your clients and then to refine their searches.
All the types of properties can be concerned, houses, apartments, new properties, luxury real estate, rentals...

Mobile App Virtual Visit

Create, personalize and share your virtual tours with our 100% mobile solution!

Included in your subscription, the Virtual Visit application will allow you to realize and manage your virtual tours independently!

Free download the Virtual Visit App via App Store for your Iphone and Ipad or via Google Play Store.
Directly transfer your photos from the App to the online platform.

Take and automatically download your photos from the App.

360 ° immersion

Designed like a real sensory experience, Virtual Visit offers you a visit from all the angles with music, voice offer, plans...This contributes to immerse your buyers into the property and to imagine themselves easily in this one.
Compatible with a virtual reality headset, the virtual visit incorporates the responsive technology for all the media: smartphone, tablet, computer.
The Internet users will appreciate the interactivity of the 360° virtual visit being able to move in particular, go back into a room and pause the visit.

Organize Live Visit  !

Included on the Virtual Visit offer, the Live Visit feature will enable you to organize a virtual visit remotely, with one or several buyers or rentals through a synchronization of the screens, a chat and video conference system. Perfect to be projected in a place easily and to visit a property without coming out!
Free to organize a visit at any time, from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, your clients will favour this way of visit before coming out.
This solution will seduce as well the owners who will favour this not much intrusive and innovative style of visit. Indeed, they won't be disturbed by visits and will appreciate the qualitative technological supply that you offer them, and will enable you to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Easy and fast

You don't need to be an expert in new technologies to create a virtual visit. Choosing the virtual reality package you will get a virtual visit which will increase your listing visibility.

The VIRTUALVISIT Pack includes * * 12 months commitment

1 Ricoh THETA
1 Tripode
1 Virtual reality helmet

The creation of the visit is intuitive
and takes place
in 3 steps :

Use the Virtual Visit mobile app to take your photos.

Create and customize your visit from the mobile app or from the my.PREVISITE back office

Share the visit on your website, portals and social networks.